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Refacing or Reglazing Kitchen Cabinets Saves Money and Time

Special to the Tribune
Published: November 1, 2009

Her cabinets were still in good condition, just worn and in need of a facelift. So, instead of replacing them, Largo
resident Jackie McGoff had them reglazed.

"They look great," she says. "This was a way to update it a little bit without going into massive amounts of money."
Reglazing can cost homeowners up to 80 percent less than replacing kitchen cabinets, says Mark Smith, co-owner of
Go Green Reglazing of Largo (formerly Amazing Reglazing, LLC).

"It's a tremendous savings," Smith says. "We can take an existing kitchen and change the color of the cabinets, as well
as do a pattern on the countertops, even right over Formica. Everything stays in place. It gives it a facelift without
having to rip anything out."

The process takes less than a day and it's quick-drying, so homeowners can use their cabinets almost immediately.
Smith's company uses only low- or zero-volatile organic compounds - materials such as adhesives that don't release
polluting fumes.

Cabinets are cleaned, sanded and taped off. The surface is then primed and sprayed with an industrial topcoat for a
durable, smooth surface.

"People paint cabinets, and that doesn't work," Smith says. Reglazing "is more like automotive painting as opposed to
house painting. They're both technically painting, but it's two different arts."

Refacing cabinets is another alternative to replacing. Refacing consists of installing new cabinet doors, drawer fronts
and handles, and covering the exposed frames of the cabinets with new matching wood.

Bob Weis - who co-owns Kitchen Solvers in Brandon with his wife, Trish - says refacing costs about 25 percent less
than replacing. The process takes less than a week and the kitchen is fully functional the entire time.

"For an average kitchen, a $6,000 refacing versus a $9,000 new cabinet replacement, people can use that $3,000
(difference) toward either countertops or to get all-new appliances," he says. "There are actually more options
available in our refacing product than there is with our new cabinets. There are more styles and stain color options to
choose from."

Like reglazing, Weis also promotes refacing as a green alternative to purchasing new cabinets.
"You're not ripping this 30-inch cabinet off the wall and throwing it in the waste stream and then cutting down a tree
and putting that same 30-inch cabinet up new," he says.

While Kitchen Solvers offers new cabinet installation, Weis says more than 90 percent of Kitchen Solvers' business is

"We're finding that most often, people just want to update the look," Trish Weis says. "They're not looking to move
walls and make major construction changes to the kitchen. The refacing aspect ... just makes a lot of sense to people.
"It's so homeowner-friendly. They don't have to even empty the cabinets."

Angie Hicks is the founder of Angie's List, www.angieslist.com.


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