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What makes Go Green Reglazing different?
Go Green Reglazing is a Women owned and Family operated business providing licensed, professional and Independently Certified GREEN reglazing services throughout the Tampa Bay Area.  We specialize in 100% environmentally friendly reglazing services.  We are the first GREEN Certified Reglazers in the Tampa Bay Area and one of the first reglazers in the country to offer the insta-DRI™ reglazing process.
What are VOCs?
VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds. These are compounds found in various materials such as household paint.  The level of VOC’s in any product determines whether a product is safe for human exposure and safe for the environment.  All products rated as Low VOC or NO VOC are considered Green and safe.  Go Green Reglazing uses only industrial reglazing materials that are Low VOC or NO VOC for the safety and well being of our customers, employees and the environment. For more information on VOC’s, follow this link:

What’s the difference between insta-DRI™ and your 24hour-DRI™ reglazing process?
Both reglazing processes have the same durability and esthetic result on your fixture.  The main difference is that the insta-DRI™ product line is “cured” or dried in an INSTANT with a high-powered UV light.  These surfaces are available for immediate use by the homeowner, tenant or hotel guest.  For customers who can wait twenty-four hours to use their fixture, our 24hour-DRI™ product line might be a better fit.  It is priced less than the insta-DRI™ and customers must wait twenty-four hours for the surface to dry.  Both product lines offered by Go Green Reglazing are “Certified Green” for everyone’s protection.
Can Go Green Reglazing repair cracks, chips, and scratches in my bathtub?
We can fix cracks, rust, scratches, dull areas, and stains from bath mats, chips, discoloration, and patch holes.  On Kitchen countertops we can repairs knife cuts, scratches, burns and chips.  Contact us for your specific repair needs.

How long does reglazing take?
Regardless of which product line you use, insta-DRI™ or 24hour-DRI™, the actual time needed to perform the reglazing would be as little as two hours for a standard bathtub.  Countertops and Kitchen Cabinets may be reglazed in as little as four hours.
How soon after reglazing can we use our fixture?
insta-DRI™ reglazed surfaces are available IMMEDIATELY for use.  Our 24hour-DRI™ products require 24 hours before use.

What colors are available?
Any color you can imagine.  We offer all standard colors (Glidden paint charts), over 85 multi colored stone patterns, custom colors, and custom “granite look” matching.
Is the new finish the same as the original finish?
We at Go Green Reglazing strive to resurface old and damaged fixtures and bring them back to their original look and feel. The professional materials we use will bond directly to the bathtub or tile surface and leave an extremely durable surface that is scrub-free, mold and mildew free and will last for years. We also include a
5- Year Written Guarantee on all of our reglazing services.

My tub was refinished by someone else and is peeling.  What happened?
More than likely, shortcuts were taken during the preparation process causing a weak bonding between the material and the fixture.  We carefully prepare the surface to create a superior bond and beautiful surface.  We don't skip steps and we use the highest quality materials available.
Can you change the look of my countertop?
In addition to tubs, tile, sinks and floors, we also resurface Countertops in your kitchen or bath. You can choose from any Solid Color or over 85 Multi Colored Stone patterns.  We can also match your favorite GRANITE pattern and color.  Does your Countertop have a straight edge?  We can add decorative molding to your Countertop, leaving you with a more polished, updated look.
How much will I save with bathtub refinishing as opposed to Replacement?   
When considering a renovation project it’s easy to overlook many of the hidden costs involved with something like replacing a bathtub.  Reglazing your bathtub without removing it will save you as much as 80% of what a Contractor would charge for replacing it, and your bathtub will be complete in one day.  Take a moment and review the Reglazing vs. Replacement chart. (link)
Does Go Green Reglazing include a warranty or guarantee?
Go Green Reglazing includes a 5 Year Written Guarantee against peeling and lifting of the reglazed surface as long as all Care and Maintenance directions are followed.

What are the care and maintenance instructions for my reglazed fixture?
All reglazed surfaces should be cleaned with a non-abrasive mild cleanser.  We recommend Dow Scrubbing Bubbles, Mr Clean or Fantastic.  The newly reglazed surface will be completely smooth and your grout lines will be sealed (if yile is reglazed), leaving a surface that is non-porous and resistant to mold, mildew and dirt.  This surface will only require light cleaning with a mild detergent, such as the ones recommended.  No scrubbing or scouring is needed.
Will my refinished bathtub look or smell like it has been painted?
Your fixture will look like is has a shiny “new” and smooth finish.  It will not look like a painted fixture.  With our 24hour-DRI™products there will be a freshly painted room scent.  insta-DRI™ is virtually odorless. 24hour-DRI™  has reduced odor that dissipates over 24 hours.

What other surfaces can Go Green Reglazing resurface?
There are many! Please refer to our complete Services List.  If you have project that is not listed, please contact us for more information.
What is the difference between bathtub reglazing and bathtub liners?
Bathtub liners are sheets of acrylic, which are glued down over your existing bathtub or tile.  These liners are available in a limited amount of colors and when complete make the surface of your tub feel like it is covered with “plastic”.  They generally cost about $2000 for a tub liner and over $4000 for a tub and tile combination. Reglazing is a process of resurfacing and re-applying industrial strength coatings onto your existing bathtub or tile.  This retains the original “feel” of your fixture and returns it to its original luster.  Reglazing is complete in one day and costs less than 20% of what a similar acrylic bathtub liner would cost.  Go Green Reglazing includes a 5 Year Written Guarantee on all of our reglazing services.
Can you make my countertop look like my favorite Granite pattern?
Yes.  The fastest and most economical way to update your kitchen or bathroom vanity is by resurfacing your countertop.  We offer unlimited options for your Countertop from solid colors to multi-stone patterns and even custom “Granite look” patterns.  We can even add decorative molding to your Countertop edge,  further customizing and modernizing your look.
My cabinets have old flat panel doors. Can you replace them with raised panel doors?
Yes! Go Green Reglazing does offer Raised Panel Door replacement for kitchen and bathroom cabinets in a variety of colors.  We can also replace exposed hinges with updated hidden hinges for a clean, elegant appearance.

Can a tub liner be refinished?
Yes, an acrylic tub liner can be refinished into any color or pattern of your choice
Can you remove an acrylic tub liner and repair and reglaze the original tub?
Go Green Reglazing services include removal of existing acrylic tub liners, repair of the damaged surface underneath, and reglazing of the tub to its original luster and feel.
Can a rusted tub be reglazed?
Yes!  Go Green Reglazing has the newest technology to refinish rusted fixtures so you don’t have to tear them out and replace them with costly new fixtures.  Our advanced reglazing process easily repairs, renews, and rejuvenates the rust-damaged surface.  The result is a clean, glossy, durable, like-new finish that lasts for years.
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