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Bathtub Refinishing 

(also referred to as Resurfacing or Reglazing)

Is your Tub just the wrong color?

Has your Tub lost it’s glossy shine from years of scrubbing?

Does your Tub have permanent stains, scratches, chips or holes?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then Go Green Reglazing has the solution for you!  At Go Green Reglazing we specialize in Refinishing (Resurfacing or Reglazing) your bathtub and restoring it to its original smooth, glossy sheen. The entire process is complete in just a few hours saving you lots of time and money!
Did you know that Reglazing a bathtub only costs about 20% of the cost to replace one!


 What does your Tub need?


Color Change

If you’re like most people, your tub has probably seen better days.  

  • It might be an old and outdated color like Harvest Gold, Seafoam Green or Bright Pink. Perhaps your bathroom even has two or more of these colors in combination.
  • Maybe you have noticed that after years of scrubbing and scouring, your tub may have lost its glossy, shiny finish and is now just dull and hard to clean.
  • Maybe you recently dropped something in your tub and now you have a hole or a chip.  What about a crack or permanent rust stains?

These are a few of the most common reasons to refinish a bathroom.  GoGreen Reglazing will reglaze your bathroom fixture to the color of your choice in just a couple of hours.  We leave you with a reglazed tub that has a shiny, smooth, glossy finish that will stay looking great for years.  Plus the surface is now easy to clean and resistant to mold and mildew build up.  This means no more scrubbing!

Take years off your bathroom! Look at the beautiful difference updating old-fashioned colors can make.  


Bathtub Chip Repair and Hole Repair

Don’t tear it out!  Most existing bathtubs can be salvaged!  We are experts in the repair and refinishing of your existing tub.  Whether it’s a hole, chip, crack, scratch, burn, rust stain, rusted out or any other problem you are having with your tub--we can help!
Look at some of the tubs we have been able to SAVE from demolition and polluting our landfills!
Don’t waste thousands of dollars when we can save your tub for a few hundred.  Ready? Get set…Go Green Reglazing!  Call our Tampa Bay area office now: 1-866-692-8042

Some tubs only need a chip repair because the rest of the tub is in perfect shape.  For example, a brand new tub that was chipped or damaged during installation; in this case, the tub would not need full reglazing service, but would only need an on-location repair.

Go Green Reglazing offers on-location chip repair service starting at only $79.  Call our office today for more details. 1-866-692-8042

Slip Resistant Surface Coating

Slip and fall accidents are the most common home based danger, resulting in millions of injuries each year.  All smooth surfaces are slippery when wet, whether it’s a brand new bathtub, floor, shower stall or a reglazed surface.  We offer the option of a Slip Resistant Coating, which can be applied to any smooth surface—even if it has not been reglazed!

This Slip Resistant Coating will add a slight gripping texture to help reduce the incidence of slip and fall accidents, creating a safer home for you and your family.

Easy Access Tub

Do you or someone you love have a difficult time getting in and out of the bathtub?  Go Green Reglazing has the perfect solution to the problem!  We offer Easy Access Tub to Walk-in Shower Conversion.

This conversion is performed on any tub, whether it’s porcelain, steel, cast iron, or fiberglass.  It is done by carefully removing a portion of the side wall of your bathtub and refinishing the remaining opening to a polished, factory finished look.  This allows easy access for those who may have difficulty lifting their legs into a bathtub.  The remaining tub and tile walls can then be reglazed to the color or pattern of your choice, if needed.

Advantages of Our Easy Access Tub to Walk-in Shower Conversions:

  • Easy Access - requires very little leg lifting in order to enter
  • Cost Effective - uses your existing tub and requires no demolition
  • Fast - can be completed in a few hours
  • Independence - allows user much desired independence
  • Safety - helps reduce injury to those who are elderly or disabled
  • For more detailed information about Easy Access Tub to Walk-in Shower Conversions, please contact our office 1-866-692-8042

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